The Var Plain / Eco-Valley


The Var plain stretches out over 10 000 hectares to the north of the Nice-Côte d’Azur airport. It currently suffers from a progressive urban sprawl that is seeing farmers having a hard time resisting the growing pressure represented by property speculation and cars.
The aim of the consultation is to define the main ways in which the plain is going to change (transport, hydraulics, functions). Using an extended public transport network, four key sectors will link the new densification hubs and allow agricultural platforms to be maintained, integrate flood risks and network the decentralised production of energy to balance the development of this eco-valley.


Development layout for the Var eco-valley

Technical file

Client : EPA Plaine du Var
Project management : SEURA architectes (lead), Gilles Sensini (architect), Ilex (landscape designer), Safège (hydrology), Ginger Sechaud Bossuyt (engineers), CVL (programmer), Énergies Demain, Jean-Pierre Traisnel (environmental engineer), ETC Philippe Massé (travel movements)
Surface : 10 000 hectares
Mission : preliminary design for the Var eco-valley
Schedule : 2010