90 housing units Héliolille


This operation forms part of a more encompassing urban restructuring project for the sector known as « des deux portes » (the two gateways), which includes a number of flagship projects such as the creation of the future « Lillénium » shopping centre. The scheme is also obliged to take account the inner suburban fabric surrounding the site.
The challenge facing the project is to reconcile architecture and the comfort of the housing units, while giving thought to developing a new way of living. The main innovation lies in a new expression of how people can live together. This means that the common areas such as the laundry, hall, rooftop terrace, guest room, gardens, parking places... are shared. This enriches the offer of inter-generational and adaptable four-room apartments that can be changed throughout the lives of their residents thanks to the incorporation of a room that can be transformed to create an independent studio apartment, a guest room, office, living room...


90 housing units

Technical file

Client : ICM / Projectim
Project management : SEURA architectes, Norpac (general contractor)
Surface : 5 356 m²
Cost : € 7,35 M excl. VAT
Schedule : 2013 - Under construction