Gerty-Archimède – gymnasium and offices

Paris 12th

Rue Gerty-Archimède is positioned between two landscapes, being a dead end and a railway setting ; between two temporalities, being the completion of the Bercy district and the beginning of the transformation of the Bercy-Charenton sector ; and between urban, economic and residential functions and leisure, culture, apprenticeship and research activities. From these unstable conditions emerges a project that finds its place between protection and openness, the overlapping and dissociation of functions, combining public facilities and private development, unity and diversity.
The intention is to provide a highly visible and accessible local amenity as well as favour the urban renewal of this railway dominated entranceway to the city by providing it with a local and domestic scale expressed through the routes taken by students to reach their school, gymnasts and dancers to reach their rehearsal rooms, and employees to reach their offices. At the same time, the area needed to be understood on a metropolitan scale that incorporated its railways, the Bercy park...
The shaping of the building is intended to provide views from the school playground, optimise the constructability of the plot and incorporate into the Halle renewal operation over both the short and the long term.


gymnasium (3 500 m²), offices (11 000 m²)

Technical file

Client : Ville de Paris
Project management : SEURA architectes
Surface : 14 500 m²
Cost : € 25 M excl. VAT
Schedule : 2013 (sketch)