117 Social Housing Rouen


Within the framework of an experimental sustainable urban villa programme (Villa Durable Urbaine) launched by PUCA (town planning, construction and architecture plan), the agency has completed three housing programmes representing 13 000 m² of floor area in Rouen. These take the form of 35 home ownership units for Kaufman & Broad, 82 social housing units for IBS and a student residence for MACSF.
Organised on a gentle slope dropping away towards the listed landscape represented by the Aubette river and the Saint-Catherine hill, the operation is characterised by its unusual sitting in the landscape that it reveals and showcases. Particular attention has been paid to the routes and paths taken by the residents, the work on the housing typologies and the care taken in the handling of materials, with specific concrete moulds and metalwork designed for the project.
The halls crossing through the buildings span over the car parks and the landscaped surrounds, allowing southern light to enter and providing views over the hill from Rue Marie-Curie. The base, generated by an optimised use the excavated soil, creates a belvedere overlooking the Aubette river and organises the routes towards the bioclimatic housing units.
Using a system of offsets, each apartment has a dual aspect and is provided with a double or triple orientation with views over the hill to the south provided from terraces equipped with louver shutters giving protection from neighbours and the setting sun. A volume cantilevering out over the rainwater collection valleys anchors this urban operation into its setting, creating a new symbiosis with the hill.


35 low energy consumption housing units (BBC), 82 low energy consumption housing units (BBC)

Technical file

Client : Kaufman & Broad : 35 low energy consumption housing units (BBC) / IBS (Groupe I3F) : 82 low energy consumption housing units (BBC)
Project management : SEURA architectes, EVP (Structural engineers), MCI (high environmental quality engineers), Solener (high environmental quality engineers), SCB (surveyor)
Surface : 8 011 m²
Cost : € 2,9 M excl. VAT : 35 low energy consumption housing units (BBC) / € 9,3 M excl. VAT : 82 low energy consumption housing units (BBC)
Schedule : 2009 - 2013
Certification : low energy building (BBC), Effinergie Habitat & Environment profile A
Prize : winner of Villas Urbaines Durables 2