Business Centre Brulon-Cîteaux


The building forms part of an urban renewal project for the Saint-Antoine district of Paris and concerns a mixed group of 12 high energy performance low rental social housing units, craft workshops, offices specialised in the new information and communication technologies (NTIC), and a 74 place car park.
Imagined within the overall framework of developing the Brulon-Cîteaux sector, the business centre created on Passage Brulon and Impasse Druinot makes it possible to meet economic challenges by maintaining the furniture and luminaire based craft activities that have traditionally been present in this district, alongside the development of creative activities linked to NTIC.
The desire to retain the spirit of this inner city district led us to recreate a series of lanes serving the courtyards around which the sought-after urban mix is organised: open housing courtyard extending the courtyard of the neighbouring building on Rue Crozatier, courtyard accessed through the porch of the business centre and offering views over the traditional architecture of this district.
Thought was also put into the development of an underground circulation route to maintain activities in the very heart of the district at the same time as creating a pedestrianised area over the entire sector.
Served by two porches giving onto an activities courtyard similar in nature to the district’s craft courtyards, the building has proven to be a convincing success thanks to its architectural design, urban integration and the quality of the materials used.


Business centre (new technologies, arts and crafts), 12 housing units

Technical file

Client : Sagi / Régie Immobilière de la Ville de Paris
Project management : SEURA architectes, EVP (Structural engineers), MCI (high environmental quality engineers), SCB (surveyor)
Surface : 5 600 m²
Cost : € 8,9 M excl. VAT
Schedule : 2005 - 2008
Prize : Grand Prix SIMI 2008, mixed use building category